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every bottle sold means we can provide food, clothing, hygiene products & so much more to those in the UK going through times of crisis:

Where Artistry Meets Compassion

Introducing "The Rattus Sophisticatus", a drink bottle that's not only brimming with delightfully absurd amusement but also making a real-world difference. Our hero, an elegant rat adorned in stylish woolen attire, embarks on a cheese-filled adventure with every sip you take. In one paw, he carries a wicker basket, undoubtedly brimming with the choicest of cheeses, while in the other, a hefty bag full of what could only be tasty treats. Each swig you take strolls with the rat down a nostalgic cobblestone street, lined with charming architecture casting merry shadows. But the magic doesn't stop there. Every bottle purchased aids in providing food, clothing, and hygiene products to people in the UK in need.


This is not just a thirst quencher or a chuckle-inducing companion—it's a way to make a tangible positive impact. After all, a day filled with laughter, alongside a dapper, cheese-loving rat, becomes even more joyful when it helps support a worthy cause.

The Rattus Sophisticatus2.png

The finer details

The Bottle - Embrace the joy of hydration with our whimsically designed stainless-steel bottles! Beyond its double-walled, leak-proof construction that assures your liquids stay just the right temperature—be it frosty cold or deliciously warm—this 500ml container is a delightful blend of modern simplicity and bold character.  

But there's more to this bottle than meets the eye. Though not the cheapest bottle out there, it's crafted for those with a taste for quality and a heart for a better world. Each bottle we sell weaves a whimsical tale of brighter tomorrows, a tale where the light of hope peeks charmingly beyond life's forest, just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Every sale twinkles with the chance to sprinkle a dash of improvement into the lives of those we aid, making their future shimmer with radiant promise. Each bottle is not just a vessel of hydration, but a delightful instrument to usher in a more joyful dawn, one sip at a time! 

Delivery time – Each bottle is a labor of love, uniquely crafted to print exclusively for you. For this reason, please allow 5-9 working days for UK delivery. Upon dispatch, we'll send the chariot's reins to you, metaphorically speaking - your Royal Mail tracking number will arrive via email.


International Delivery? - Oh, I must confess, I do have a fondness for our friends across the seas. But my bottles? Well, they're a different story. They've grown quite content in their cosy corners and have developed a sort of 'homebody' disposition. Their passports are dust-laden and their traveling days are a distant memory. 

Returns – Need to say goodbye to a bottle? It's as simple as a breezy stroll on a sunlit afternoon! Just drop us an email, and we'll take care of the rest. Do remember, though, our returns window extends just a hair beyond a lunar cycle - precisely 31 days - from the day you place your order. Naturally, your returned bottle should be as flawless as a daisy bathed in dawn's early light.


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