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A4-£32/A3-£40/A2- £45 - free UK Delivery 

The Shadow of the Beak:

Where Artistry Meets Compassion

A chilling canvas art piece that plunges you into a haunting narrative of gloom and dread. This masterwork transports you to a desolate cobblestone street, eerily deserted and lined by aged brick houses that stand as silent, indifferent observers.

This street is no ordinary thoroughfare. It's a memory lane of a horrifying chapter of human history, where an unseen enemy lurked in every corner and fear hung in the air like a thick, unyielding fog. There, in the stark daylight, under a foreboding sky filled with ominous clouds, stands the sentinel of the plague - the doctor.

This lone figure, garbed in the macabre attire of a plague doctor, is a chilling sight to behold. His iconic beaked mask, designed to keep the grim specter of death at bay, serves only to amplify the terror that this scene instills. His black robes, a visual echo of the crow, the universal harbinger of doom, swirl around him, engulfing the cobblestones beneath in a pool of darkness.

The cobblestones, each one a testament to the countless footsteps of those who walked this path, are captured with chilling precision. The aged brick houses, with their closed doors and shuttered windows, reflect the isolation and fear that gripped the city. The scene is devoid of any trace of life, save for the doctor himself - a grim reminder of the devastation that the plague brought with it.

"The Shadow of the Beak" is not just a painting - it's a chilling journey into the past, a visceral reminder of the fragility of human existence, and a tribute to those who risked their lives in the face of a terrifying enemy.


This canvas isn't for the faint-hearted. It's for those who dare to explore the darker chapters of our history, those who appreciate the macabre beauty that lies in the shadows. Display this canvas and let it serve as a chilling centerpiece in your home, a conversation starter that's sure to send a shiver down the spine of anyone who lays eyes on it.


The finer details

The Canvas - Crafted with an eye for elegance and commitment to British manufacturing, our artworks are set within real wood frames, each meticulously constructed from high-quality solid wood and glazed with 2mm glass and an MDF backing board, complete with hanging fixings. The artwork itself is printed on a 290gsm canvas, a luxurious blend of 90% bamboo fibers and 10% cotton. This unique blend evokes a natural white hue, bereft of optical brighteners, and boasts a soft, subtly textured felt structure.

Sizing - Our canvases have a bit of a Goldilocks complex. They come in three delightful sizes to ensure you find the one that's 'just right'. Our charming A4 canvas measures a neat 297 x 210mm, perfect for those cozy nooks. The A3 canvas, a bit larger at 420 x 297mm, loves to be the centerpiece of a room. And for those with a flair for the dramatic, our A2 canvas stretches out to a grand 594 x 420mm, ready to command any wall with its presence. So, choose the size that sings to your heart and let the magic unfold!

Delivery time – Each canvas is my heartfelt sonnet to you, individually crafted with all the love and dedication of a besotted artist. But as with all great romances, there's a dash of suspense. After your order is placed, they'll take a brisk 5-9 working days to twirl, leap, and pirouette their way right onto your doorstep.


International Delivery? – Now, I've got a soft spot for our international chums, but my canvases? They're homebodies, through and through. They've let their passports gather dust and have developed a sort of travel anxiety. So, these are currently only deliverable within the UK. 


Returns – Parting ways with a piece? No problem, it's as easy as a walk in the park on a sunny day! Just give me a shout via email, and we'll sort out the rest. Just a friendly reminder though, our returns window lasts for a smidgen over a lunar cycle - that's 31 days, for those who like to keep track - from the day you place your order. And of course, your returned piece should be as pristine as a dew-kissed morning bloom.



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