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Sell your new or used car for free* and help us redefine what it means to be a food bank.

As a forward-thinking food bank, we're extending our mission beyond providing essential aid. We're creating a unique platform where every car transaction is an opportunity to drive change in our community. Whether you're a seasoned car dealer or a private seller, your participation in our car marketplace is a powerful step towards tackling food and social inequality.

Step 1:
Join Our Mission:

Discover a new way to sell cars with Equality Floss. We’re more than just a food bank – we’re a community-driven platform where every car sale supports our fight against food and social inequality. Join us as a car dealer or individual seller and make a real difference with every transaction.

Step 2:
List Your Vehicle:

Ready to list your car? Simply email us at with photos of your car, model name, mileage, gearbox type, and color and we will do the rest.


For dealers juggling a fleet or individuals cherishing a single ride, our listing process is a breeze. Once we have your car details, we will list it for you – it's as easy as that!

Step 3: Choose to Contribute:

Whether you're a dealer with an extensive inventory or an individual with a single car, list your cars with us for free. However, as part of our mission to support those in need, once your car is listed, we'll send you a donation link. This is an invitation to join our cause, contributing as you feel inspired to our food bank's efforts. Dealers, for every four weeks your stock is listed, we'll provide a donation link and an impact report, showing the tangible difference your contributions make.


This offers a unique opportunity to both showcase your inventory and actively participate in our community-focused mission. Every donation, no matter the size, fuels our work and creates a positive ripple effect in the lives of many.

Step 4: Make a Difference

When you list your car with us, you have the heartfelt opportunity to make a choice – a choice to extend a hand to those in need. While it's entirely optional, your donation can profoundly touch the lives of millions battling food insecurity in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. This isn't just about alleviating hunger; it's about offering dignity, privacy, and the power of choice to those facing tough times. Our supermarket gift cards allow recipients to select what they need, from food to essential items, in a way that respects their individuality and circumstances.


Your choice to donate, while completely voluntary, becomes a beacon of hope and understanding, a gesture that goes beyond feeding — it nurtures dignity and brings a sense of normalcy to lives disrupted by hardship. 

Why we do what we do

why we do what we do 

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At Equality Floss, we're reshaping the concept of a food bank. Every service we offer empowers us to supply food, clothing, hygiene essentials, and more to individuals facing challenging times. We're not just a welfare enterprise; we're a beacon of hope and change.
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