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Programming & tech

Surf the digital wave with heart! At Equality Floss, it's not just about being tech-savvy, it's about making a difference. As you dive deep into our world of stellar websites, meticulous QA testing, dreamy apps, and catchy emails remember this: it's a "pay what you want" ride, and 51% of our profits support our food bank initiative. Every line of code isn’t just for you, it’s for those in need too. Let’s merge tech talent and big-hearted generosity!

Data Science & analysis

Dive into the data ocean with us! With a mix of analytical rigour and intuitive insights, we transform numbers into narratives, ensuring you stay ahead with informed decisions. Get in touch and watch wonders unfold!

App development 

Apps that app-solutely rock! With a blend of innovative design and robust functionality, our tech maestros sculpt applications that engage, enthrall, and elevate user experiences. Get in touch and watch wonders unfold!

Website Development

Crafting digital masterpieces! Our web wizards weave together aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your website isn’t just a treat for the eyes but also a seamless experience for every visitor. Get in touch and watch wonders unfold!

Email Template Development

Elevate your email game! Our team crafts templates that not only resonate with your brand but also click with your audience, blending design and delivery into a harmonious dance. Get in touch and watch wonders unfold!

Why we do what we do

why we do what we do 

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At Equality Floss, we're reshaping the concept of a food bank. Every service we offer empowers us to supply food, clothing, hygiene essentials, and more to individuals facing challenging times. We're not just a welfare enterprise; we're a beacon of hope and change.
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