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The Food Bank

Behind every human being, no matter how big or small is an adventure. An adventure filled with tales of who they were and how they lived, yet for many people - through no thought of their own homelessness, health issues, lack of employment, etc can all too easily turn a life of adventure into one of adversity.

Image by Andreea Popa

Why we do what we do

When times get tough, we quickly realize that all we have is each other! If you haven’t already, please click here to read about why I started Equality Floss, the world’s first welfare enterprise.

Modeled on the welfare state I believe we ought to have, The Equality Floss Food Bank will provide as much material assistance and support as we can realistically muster, because I know all too well what it’s like to look in from the sidelines when you have nothing and everyone around you seemingly has everything.

This is how we can help

Get in touch with us and let us talk about your situation, let us talk about the problems you are facing, and let us talk about the ways in which your assigned caseworker can support you going forward.


As a welfare enterprise, we redistribute 51% of our net profits to ensure we can provide food, new clothing, hygiene products, funding for new kitchen appliances, and any other ad-hock items you need to live a life free of undue strife and hardship.

Adversity may be invisible, but maybe - if we push back - just hard enough, we can pick up the pieces and turn a life of adversity into a life of adventure!


Everyone's circumstances are different, so please get in touch, and let’s discuss how we help and support you.


We are limited in the care we can provide at present but, just know we will do all we can to help you if we are able!

Please email us at

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