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A foodbank like no other

Because. All. We. Have. Is. Each. Other

Embarking on the journey to establish Equality Floss was fuelled by a singular, unyielding purpose: to uplift those who needed it most, initiating a wave of positivity that would ultimately bring about societal change. From the outset, I believed in the transformative power of empathy and collective action; these beliefs have since crystallised into the core values that drive our mission.

While our initiative focuses on creating connections and presenting opportunities, our vision transcends mere job placements. We are relentlessly committed to battling the pressing issue of food poverty that sadly looms over far too many individuals and families across the UK.

Here's where our work begins. We invite you to reach out to us, share your story, and let us understand the challenges you are facing. From there, our dedicated caseworkers can devise personalised plans to aid you on your journey forward. As a welfare enterprise, we channel 51% of our net profits back into the community to provide essential needs. These include food, new clothing, hygiene products, funding for essential kitchen appliances, and other miscellaneous items required to free you from the strain of hardship and enable you to lead a life of dignity.

Our support system stretches out nationwide, manifesting in two primary ways. Firstly, we extend aid through pre-loaded Tesco gift cards that are designed to provide a week's worth of groceries. These cards are distributed over four weeks, ensuring you have a steady supply of food.

Our second mode of support is in the form of direct food deliveries to those who need it. More than just a single act of charity, this service extends over four weeks, helping alleviate the stress of sourcing meals and ensuring that your nutritional needs are consistently met. 

Depending on your location within the country, we will provide either Tesco gift cards or home-delivered food parcels. 

Founding Equality Floss was more than a business decision; it was the realisation of a desire to make a tangible, meaningful difference. From filling empty stomachs to inspiring hope and driving change, my mission transcends the traditional confines of business. It is a commitment to humanity, an exercise in compassion, and the belief that everyone deserves an equal shot at a better life. This journey we're on together isn't just about what we do. It's about who we are, and the positive change we aim to inspire, and I couldn't be prouder to lead the way.


Adversity into Adventure 

Because. All. We. Have. Is. Each. Other

At Equality Floss, we're here to lend a supportive hand to those who need it most. We recognise the hardship that many individuals face, and we’re committed to helping you weather the storm. If you find yourself in a situation where you need assistance, then please reach out to us. We promise that you'll be met with understanding, empathy, and a genuine desire to help. 

However, as much as we wish we could extend our aid to all corners, our resources are, at present, limited so please be aware we may not be able to provide assistance straight away. Our ability to help is directly tied to the growth of our business. While we’re proud of the positive change we've been able to make so far, we know there are many more individuals out there in need of support. 

This is where the real power of our business model comes into play. Each time a company chooses our recruitment services, each time a job seeker finds employment through us, and every canvas or drinks bottle we sell means we're able to expand our reach and help people like you.  

It doesn't matter where you are on your journey; if you're facing hardship, we're here to listen and help where we can. No one should feel alone in their struggle, and we're committed to making sure you don't have to. You matter to us, and you're an integral part of the Equality Floss community. 

Our mission is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a fair chance at a better life, and as we grow, we promise that our capacity to help will grow too. 
Feel free to drop us a line at so can provide a helping hand. 

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