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Boost your business and make a difference with Equality Floss! From top-tier accounting to reliable virtual assistants, from insightful mystery shopping experiences to stellar social media management, we've got your business essentials covered. And here's the best part: It's a "pay what you want" service, and we channel 51% of our profits directly to our food bank initiative. Partner with us, where business acumen meets purposeful giving. Let's embark on this rewarding journey together!

consulting & hr

Brainpower meets business prowess! Our consulting team offers insights to streamline operations while our HR specialists curate work cultures that thrive. Harness the expertise, elevate your enterprise! Get in touch and watch wonders unfold!

mystery SHOPPING

Peek behind the customer curtain! Our mystery shoppers dive deep into the consumer realm, returning with invaluable feedback to polish your brand experience to a gleaming shine. Get in touch and watch wonders unfold!


Your operational sidekick awaits! From managing calendars to handling communications, our virtual assistants are the unseen force powering your daily business grind with a touch of digital finesse. Get in touch and watch wonders unfold!


Master the maze of the market! With a blend of data-driven insights and creative flair, our strategy gurus chart pathways to captivate your audience and amplify your brand's voice. Get in touch and watch wonders unfold!

Why we do what we do

why we do what we do 

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At Equality Floss, we're reshaping the concept of a food bank. Every service we offer empowers us to supply food, clothing, hygiene essentials, and more to individuals facing challenging times. We're not just a welfare enterprise; we're a beacon of hope and change.
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