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A4-£32/A3-£40/A2- £45 - free UK Delivery

A Tribute in Technicolour:

Where Artistry Meets Compassion

Step right into the heart of my whimsical canvas, a charming stroll through the bustling streets of pop culture! This is a canvas where art, humor, and nostalgia twirl and skip hand-in-hand, inviting you into a world of comic strip-style illustrations, each rich with their unique brand of mirth and charm.

The canvas, much like an enchanted comic book, is a tribute to beloved characters and the artists who made them come alive. Echoes of masters like Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol resonate through every panel, creating a mesmerising fusion of high art and pop culture.

And there, in the very center, is our leading lady. A blonde bombshell with sparkling blue eyes and red lips that could launch a thousand ships. She is the quintessential comic strip heroine, an unmistakable nod to the pop art queens of yesteryears, her visage a beacon amidst the colourful chaos.

Every inch of the canvas dances with vibrant colours, a riotous celebration that simply won't be ignored. The panels are woven together in a rhythm, pulsating with the beat of our shared pop culture memories, creating a symphony of visual and nostalgic delight.

But this canvas isn't just a tribute to comic strip illustrations and pop culture. It's an open door, an invitation to step into a world filled with memories, laughter, and unexpected twists. It's a celebration of pop culture's charm and a testament to its everlasting appeal. So, come on in, join our leading lady in the heart of this joyous jumble, and let's take a merry dance through the lanes of nostalgia and art together!


The finer details

The Canvas - Crafted with an eye for elegance and commitment to British manufacturing, our artworks are set within real wood frames, each meticulously constructed from high-quality solid wood and glazed with 2mm glass and an MDF backing board, complete with hanging fixings. The artwork itself is printed on a 290gsm canvas, a luxurious blend of 90% bamboo fibers and 10% cotton. This unique blend evokes a natural white hue, bereft of optical brighteners, and boasts a soft, subtly textured felt structure.

Sizing - Our canvases have a bit of a Goldilocks complex. They come in three delightful sizes to ensure you find the one that's 'just right'. Our charming A4 canvas measures a neat 297 x 210mm, perfect for those cozy nooks. The A3 canvas, a bit larger at 420 x 297mm, loves to be the centerpiece of a room. And for those with a flair for the dramatic, our A2 canvas stretches out to a grand 594 x 420mm, ready to command any wall with its presence. So, choose the size that sings to your heart and let the magic unfold!

Delivery time – Each canvas is my heartfelt sonnet to you, individually crafted with all the love and dedication of a besotted artist. But as with all great romances, there's a dash of suspense. After your order is placed, they'll take a brisk 5-9 working days to twirl, leap, and pirouette their way right onto your doorstep.


International Delivery? – Now, I've got a soft spot for our international chums, but my canvases? They're homebodies, through and through. They've let their passports gather dust and have developed a sort of travel anxiety. So, these are currently only deliverable within the UK. 


Returns – Parting ways with a piece? No problem, it's as easy as a walk in the park on a sunny day! Just give me a shout via email, and we'll sort out the rest. Just a friendly reminder though, our returns window lasts for a smidgen over a lunar cycle - that's 31 days, for those who like to keep track - from the day you place your order. And of course, your returned piece should be as pristine as a dew-kissed morning bloom.



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