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Pay what you want:

Or. Nothing. At. All

We are the only job platform to use a Pay by Donation or Nothing at All model, this means for free, the moment you commission Equality Floss for your talent search, your personal project manager will oversee every aspect from start to finish, they will collaborate with you in defining the role, the expectations, the personal profile, the experience required, qualifications, and education.

They will pre-screen every applicant, interview those who meet your criteria, and then provide you with a curated list of individuals with poise, character, and the right ethic for your role.

And once you choose that special someone, you can pay any amount you feel comfortable with based on the value you perceive from our service, whether that be just £1 or £20, or nothing at all, it’s totally up to you.


Superior Candidate Selection:

A Thorough, Tailored Approach

By selectively curating the number of job seekers on our books, we ensure an unrivalled focus on quality over quantity, presenting you with an unmatched selection of discerning candidates.

The moment you commision Equality Floss to aid in your candidate search, we will delve deep into a comprehensive analysis of your organisation, gaining a deep understanding of the job role at hand, and setting a mutually agreed timeline on closing the vacancy.

We will refine the personal specification and craft a precise job description, prior to engaging with our discerning candidates. before we launch our meticulous pre-screening process, evaluating candidate competencies and their alignment with your role.


Each candidate undergoes an aptitude assessment using a relevant psychometric test - be it verbal reasoning, situational judgment, logical reasoning, or others - depending on the specific demands of the role.

Upon completion, we present a detailed report on each candidate we believe embodies the ethos, tenacity, and skills requisite for your role, providing a solid foundation for your first round of interviews.

Finally, we assist you in pinpointing the successful candidate and gathering references from those shortlisted, ensuring a seamless end-to-end recruitment process.


for a better world:

Because. All. We. Have. Is. Each. Other.

We exist to give 51% of our income away to provide food, clothing, hygiene products, and more for those in the UK in need of a helping hand. Because when adversity strikes, we aim to be there, to strike back and pick up the pieces, and we can’t do it without you.


From hospitality, administration, retail, construction, and advertising, and many sectors in between, Equality Floss is the natural starting point for your ethical talent search.

Commission us for free today, and we will roll up our sleeves and we’ll find the best the workforce has to offer, ever so effortlessly.​


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Whether you're a company seeking top-tier talent or an individual ready to ascend in your career, you can reach us at: or drop us a line below:

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