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About Me

Hey, nice to meet you! I’m Stephen-Francis. Londoner born and bred; Equality Floss is my attempt at providing for Brits in their greatest moments of need.

Redefining social welfare.

We’ve all seen news reports of food bank usage going through the roof, reports of people choosing between heating their homes and eating, and reports of an ever-increasing squeezed middle.

But it wasn’t until I met and had a wonderful conversation with a Big Issue seller named Tony, he was vastly higher qualified than I will ever be, had an amazing career but ended up losing it all and ending up on the streets of London.

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Our Journey So Far


A new approach 

It was at that moment it hit me, all of us are just one step away from using food banks or worse, ending up homeless.

Using services as a medium, I use the sales to fund my very own benefits system to provide food. clothing, hygiene products, a universal basic income, and essentials for those going through times of crisis to not only complement existing government services but to exceed them!

Redefining social welfare.

It’s a little radical, it’s a little ambitious, and it’s a little revolutionary, but I’m aiming to build my very own strong and comprehensive welfare state that ensures no one is left behind that the government will not build for us.

So, I’ve torn up textbooks and thrown out toxic economic philosophy that calls for maximizing profits at any cost, and instead measure growth on the societal impact I can create.

Want to say Hi? email me at Or follow me @theloorollfatcat on Instagram & @loorollfatcat on Twitter.

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Image by Tom Parsons
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