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We are on a mission to significantly reduce food insecurity

Writer. Recruiter. Social Entrepreneur.

48 Million. That’s the number of people in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand who are considered food insecure. I founded Equality Floss to change that! Hello there, I'm Stephen-Francis, the heart, and soul behind Equality Floss. What started as a dream - a vision to bring smiles, ignite creativity, and lend a hand to those in need - has blossomed into this vibrant platform.

As a socially-driven enterprise, we give 51% of our profits back into the community, So whether you're here to find stellar talent, find a piece of whimsical art, or apply for our food bank assistance, remember, you're part of a larger cause. You're helping us color the world with compassion, fairness, and generosity.

Thank you for being a part of our story.


Stephen-Francis, Founder - Equality Floss


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