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Every vacancy we fill means...

We can provide the essentials to people like him!

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Wolrd's First Pay by Donation Recruitment Agency

We are so much more than a recruitment company, we are a social enterprise that exists to put food on the table, and provide hygiene products, new clothing, and other daily essentials needed for everyday life to those in the UK going through times of crisis.

Pay by Donation

We are the world’s first recruitment agency where you can pay what you want, whether that be £10 or 20$, we exist to give 51% of our income away to provide food, clothing, hygiene products, and their essentials for those in the UK in their time of need.

Because when adversity strikes, we aim to be there, to strike back and pick up the pieces, and we can’t do it without you.

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Hiring should be more than just about posting on a job board; countless talented, hard-working job seekers are forever lurking in anticipation of providing companies like yours with the talent you need to grow.

Providing unsurpassed levels of service, we will cast our net far and wide showcasing your raison d’etre to prospective candidates as we seek out and curate a shortlist of a special few whom we believe have the tenacity, initiative, and experience to warrant an interview.

Providing food, clothing, hygiene products, and more to those going without is what we stand for.

And placing the right individuals into the perfect role is what we strive for.

To that end, the moment you commission Equality Floss for your talent search, your personal project manager will oversee every aspect from start to finish, they will collaborate with you in defining the role, the expectations, the personal profile, the experience required, qualification, and education.

They will pre-screen every applicant, interview those who meet your criteria, and then provide you with a curated list of individuals with poise, character, and the right ethic for your role.

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From hospitality, administration, retail, construction, and advertising, and many sectors in between, Equality Floss is the natural starting point for your ethical talent search.

Commission us today, and we will roll up our sleeves and we’ll find the best the workforce has to offer, ever so effortlessly.

Alternatively, contact us today @ or use the contact form at the bottom of the page if you’d like a little more information. 

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For a donation of your choice, you'll get.

Personalised ethical recruitment.

Personal talent manager, available to you within 2 hours after payment between Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm GMT until your role is filled.
Pre-interview screening.

Curated List of the most exceptional Candidates.

Help us provide the daily essentials to Brits going without in these times of crisis.


I have always believed in a society where every person has the opportunity to prosper and fulfill life to their full potential. Yet millions of people are left out of the economic system which shapes all of our lives.​

Click here to find out how I'm doing my best to create a fairer society.

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